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"Is Your 2010 – 2012 BMW Affected by the Supplemental Recall?"

At Joe's Drive Thru Smog Check Star Station vehicle recall information is provided as a customer courtesy and is not considered part of the Star Smog Check inspection.


There was recall identified for 2010 BMW 328 I SULEV.


Certain 2010-2012 BMW 1 Series

Certain 2010-2011 BMW 3 Series

Certain 2010-2011 BMW 5 Series

Certain 2010-2011 BMW X3

Certain 2010-2011 BMW X5

Certain 2010-2011 BMW Z4



NHTSA Number# 23V-707

Manufacturer Campaign# 23V-707:449

Recall Date 10/19/2023


Description Emissions- related recall number# 23V-707 – VANOS housing bolt material and treatment.



Vehicles manufactured with aluminum bolts for the housing of the variable camshaft timing (VANOS) adjustment unit on the intake and exhaust camshafts which, over time, could loosen and eventually break.


Please contact your dealership to comply with the emissions recall requirement.

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